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Connection in Sculpture

Listen and Connect is a service provided for all men who want to explore more of who they really are. Its aim is to create a safe place where you can be yourself and explore your own unique inner world. Every man has his own unique story to tell and share with other men. When a man is in a place of disconnection with himself, the effects of that are felt in every aspect of his life. Your work is no longer meaningful, your relationships seem empty and other aspects of your life seem less authentic.

Listen and Connect will encourage each man to become more of who they really are. Open hearted communication, coupled with practical down to earth realism is what makes our service unique. It’s a place where questions that really matter are asked, explored and solutions are provided by members of the community.

Every time you connect with another, using not only your mind but your heart, you have the opportunity to see yourself as the whole and loved person that you are. At a time when the world is more focused on ‘individualism’ we need to take time and make time to connect.

We ask that you give yourself the opportunity to experience our services.

Our Services

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We Listen

Listening allows you to own your own reality and be heard at whatever level you need to be heard. Listening provides a means of reflecting back to you: yourself.

By feeling safe to share your story, you may open your heart further to seek; remember and show who you really are.

We offer:

– Confidentiality
– Heart centred listening
– No judgement
– You will ‘be heard’

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We facilitate Connection

The Listen and Connect Members area is your own private community. It’s where you connect with; and assist others.

– Share your own knowledge and wisdom with other likeminded and openhearted men.

– Challenge yourself, express your truth and give others the benefit of your experiences.

– Authentic engagement and connection are the intended focus of this community.

Due to the sensitive nature of some of the material, you must be 18 years of age to participate. Our articles and forum questions are designed to engage you and encourage your participation. Our meditations are provided for your personal use. We are the facilitators of this space – your feedback and participation will shape its future direction.

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Our Intention

Promises are easy to make and harder to keep, so we don’t offer you false promises.

Our intention is clear, we want:

– to assist you in remembering more of who you really are through our listening service and members community; and

– to assist you to have the courage to be real with yourself and to show that to others.

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You're a true adventurer when you begin to explore the depths of your authentic self.

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