Any man interested in his own wellbeing. You are more than likely interested in how you engage with the world, what makes you tick, like to challenge yourself with new ideas and are open to assisting others.
Specifically, you want increased connection with yourself and others.
Some random examples:
– You are surrounded by people, appear to ‘have it all’ yet you feel like something is missing.
– You are geographically isolated and have some ‘stuff’ you wish you had someone to discuss it with.
– You make decisions all day in your job and are constantly telling others what to do but don’t actually feel anyone knows or hears you.
– You need a sounding board to discuss your issue: sexuality, health, relationship, financial situation and the list goes on.

It offers the potential for increased wellbeing and an increased sense of self.
A chance to be heard, explore more of yourself and a place to connect and assist others.

You are able to make an appointment anytime. We offer appointments between 10am and 10pm Australian Eastern standard time.

You can make an appointment on the appointments page on this site.

It’s simple, after your appointment we email you an invoice. You then pay using Paypal or a direct bank transfer.

Our Listening service is a one hour appointment. The cost is $90 AUD per appointment.

No. When your appointment is confirmed you will be provided with a phone number to call.

We trust you. You trust us when you engage with our Listening service so we trust you to honour our service by paying.

As long as you work out the time difference from your end and are comfortable with international phone charges, you are welcome to make an appointment.

The Members area is completely free. You are welcome to download our meditations and enjoy them for free.

In order to create a place where it is ‘safe’ to honestly engage with our site, we chose to create a secure login.

Our Members area is where you can contribute. We see ourselves as facilitators of this space – so suggestions for articles/topics, meditations, what you want to see – it’s all open to be considered.